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December 16, 2009
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Name: Portia Kayla-Collingswood

Nickname: Divebomb (previously known as Powerglide and Swoop)

Gender: Female

Theme Song: Divebomb by Red Tape

Eyes: Brown/Green

Hair: Black

Height: 5'11"  (180cm)

Weight: 64kg (141lbs)

Place of Birth: George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Current Residence: Surrey, England

Wrestling Style: Brawler

A vibrant and socialable hero, Portia Collingswood is the life and soul of the party. In battle she's more at home swooping high in the sky, raining grenades on enemies or performing death-defying plunge dives with her arm blades. Above average in close combat, but usually hampered by her bulky wingpack, Divebomb prefers fast hit-and-run attacks to prolonged brawls.

The child of a British industrialist and a leading banker from the Caribbean, Portia was brought up with the easy-going attitudes of her mother and the strict moral code of her father. However in her late-teens she revealed to her parents that she was homosexual, this led to a fracture in her family as her mother supported her daughter while her father all but disowned them both. A decade later her mother has now moved back to the Cayman Islands while her father still resides in their family home in England. In an attempt to reconcile the family, Portia accepted a job working for her father, only to find that she had been given a position in the dead-end R&D department.

Working as the assistant there, Portia developed an above average mechanical ability and can repair most equipment when given sufficient tools and supplies, but she's no brilliant inventor and lacks the training and experience to perform complicated battlefield repairs. However, her access to advanced technology allowed her to acquire a next-generation flight suit, complete with in built armour to protect her from both small arms fire and explosive damage.

Here she met the eccentric Reiko Kaneuji, head of R&D (a department now consisting of the two of them) and inventor. Reiko had recently created a new personal flight system and took no time in drafting Divebomb in as her guinea pig. The aerodynamic wingpack that uses sonic vibration to lift her off the ground and soar through the sky giving her an average flight speed of only 40 mph, although this can be boosted to 60 mph for combat and has known to have been boosted up to 90 mph for short periods. The wingpack is highly maneuverable and training given by Reiko allowed Portia to perform complicated acrobatic feats with ease in the air when coupled with the protection offered by her flight suit. Reiko planned on using the boss' daughter as an example of how easy the system was to use, however when the tests were presented to Portia's father he belittled their progress and terminated funding for the project.

After continued harassment from a rival corporation, Collingswood Aeronautics were on the verge of a hostile takeover and Divebomb, working under the pseudonym Powerglide, took it upon herself to show her father the effectiveness of the wingpack. Using the technology to raid the rival's facilities she presented secret R&D materials she had obtained to her father. Horrified that his corporation may face charges of industrial espionage, he suppressed the evidence of the wingpack and destroyed the research materials that had led to its development. Firing Reiko, he fabricated evidence that she had been behind the robberies and then had her imprisoned by the authorities.

Using the wingpack again, Portia, now using the codename Swoop, broke Reiko out of jail and sequestered her in one of her father's many mansions. Realising that should her father learn of her involvement he would once again take steps to suppress the technology she possessed, Portia contacted her mother and arranged to have Reiko, now a wanted fugitive, smuggled out of the country to the Caribbean, where her mother's more dubious contacts would be able to hide her indefinitely.

At this point, Reiko modified the flightsuit to enhance its combat effectiveness; this included adding grenade launcher to the wingpack and nanotech blades to the suit's forearms. The blades, composed of the same alloy as the wingpack, houses nanotech robots that constantly sharpen the blades as well as adapting their shape to suit different combat situations, meaning that the longer a battle goes on, the easier it becomes for Portia to injure her opponent.

Portia took it upon herself to uncover the true extent of her father's influence, given the ease with which he had framed her friend, only to discover that he had numerous ties to the criminal underworld, including directly financing acts of sabotage and terrorism designed to undermine his enemies. Vowing to see an end to this Portia once again took up the wingpack, this time to deliver justice against her father. Backed up with the financial power given by her mother, the technological know-how of Reiko and the dubious support of a drifter known only as Slice, Portia has taken up an unseen war against the criminal forces of her father.

At this point in her life she's got nothing to lose and has signed on for the Pro Wrestling Trinity tournament to test her mettle against some of the strongest fighters on the planet. Should she win she plans on returning to Britain to start her work battling her father's criminals, should she fail she'll return to her training, planning on entering the tournament again until she is declared champion.

Afro-Caribbean on her mother's side and English on her father's has given Portia a rich chocolate tone to her skin, and constant training under a number of personal trainers over the years have kept her body firm and trim. Her flightsuit is a close fitting black and red suit made of a polymer weave material that protects her from both temperature and penetrative attacks, up to and including small arms fire and explosive damage. The wingpack is an elaborate lattice of lightweight metallic feathers that fits close to her back. Although these feathers do fold up to some degree, they still take up a lot of area making her severely disadvantaged in confined spaces. The nanotech blades are long sharpened metal with handgrips close to their base; they are attached on a pivot-mount just above each wrist of the flightsuit and can be folded back when not in use.

Signature Moves:
Bouncing Bombs - Atomic drop
1000-pounder - Diving stomp (Goomba stomp)
Air Support - Irish whip into double big boot

Supply Drop - Irish whip into Frankensteiner into submission hold
Carpet Bomber - Biel bump into multiple stomp
In order to try and hone her combat skills Divebomb's entered herself into the #ProWrestlingTrinity League. Be sure to pop over and support her in her fights, or maybe even enter your own character to join in with the battles.
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OMG she's beautiful :heart:
She's also a lesbian who enjoys playing with knives and penises. :XD:
thats awesome...I think
Playing with kinives and penises at the time time I should've said. :mwahaha:
vince3 Dec 28, 2009   Writer
Divebomb can't use her wing pack in the ring, though, can she?
Nope, just her natural strength, fighting spirit and willingness to put her fingers just about anywhere in order to distract her opponent. Not to mention her tongue. :devilish:
vince3 Dec 29, 2009   Writer
If she tries putting her fingers somewhere they're not necessarily wanted on Lin, she might not get them back........
Who said they wouldn't be wanted?
vince3 Dec 29, 2009   Writer
Most of the time, yes. During a wrestling match? Possibly notsomuch....;)
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